Join our "Book of Mark" Reading Plan

Solo Bible study is important. We should read and apply the scriptures personally, but don’t forget that many of the New Testament letters were addressed to entire congregations. The early church gathered and listened with united hearts to the Word of God as it was read. Our modern-day, individualistic mindset presumes that we practice spiritual disciplines like prayer and Bible reading alone, but the early church instinctively practiced it together. 

Click the link below and let’s start reading scripture the way it was meant to be read. Together.

The Book of Mark


Here are the books we have already completed if you'd like to catch up:

The Books of the Minor Prophets


The Book of Matthew


The Books of History: https://bible.com/p/43208010/73590e39d8e55135e86d917f002316d6

Philemon: https://bible.com/p/43077570/52a5a5a8acfcb3615e70e83c2eed9314

Titus: https://bible.com/p/42954421/28189f405141193d95857ffebdc6dcd6

1&2 Timothy: https://bible.com/p/42806857/5543aa0dba339c5b5a9dabc513086865

1&2 Thessalonians: https://bible.com/p/42615380/fb669025c546e797d6c7761622046cfe

Colossians: https://bible.com/p/42486466/6c76db6bf170dd0e743d323eced01d83

Philippians: https://bible.com/p/42353896/85fb0079f7444f5430a9d74fd44d36e9

Ephesians https://bible.com/p/42216584/70501a9d1f7a6e2a2776027dc5b87996

Galatians https://bible.com/p/42105070/ff703bbe5923fbf3bd07f4b18d7c3a76

1 Corinthians https://bible.com/p/41614122/d77fdc1cb8a8d51eba4e7fc911b5c0a0

2 Corinthians https://bible.com/p/41614160/c20365ee88299598fae6ec8e5b76bb6b

The Book of Acts: https://bible.com/p/41004242/88c21d1690156688944028163467dac2

The Major Prophets: https://bible.com/p/38440377/ch3d135f05fb28c5acba690372f9863c7

Romans: https://bible.com/p/37953084/b3f1de2bba182c2addeacf698528c197

John: https://bible.com/p/36915020/3e471aa49b746e4d368dcbb2ac1ee4c2

Psalms: https://bible.com/p/35567794/d34b5428e34bedfbc86cfd733793c952

1 and 2 Peter: https://bible.com/p/35184180/46238364edeee65340dd62056177b986

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