Community Health Evangelism Mission

Pastor Jovite Noel - CHE

Pastor Jovite Noel and his family-- Pastor Jovite oversees the CHE (Community Health Evangelism) program out of the village of Bazin, Haiti. Teams of workers bring basic health care services to some of the surrounding villages along with a gospel message of hope. He and his wife have two young children and live in a region that has many voodoo adherents. Pray for their steadfast faith in our Lord Jesus and for God to supply all their needs. Pastor Jovite hopes to put a second floor on his home so it would be available as a mission house to host visits from short-term mission efforts.

Pray for the effectiveness of Haitian Ministries to continue their outreach and ministers conferences. There is real concern for the children and elderly they serve in Haiti. Both are vulnerable to abuse and neglect. Prices for the simple food staples have increased well beyond the reach of most residents, making it likely that malnutrition, hunger and deaths will increase. Pray for new leadership in the government who can turn back the rampant corruption that is commonplace in the nation.